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Miami Herald published an article Bang for the Train: Juraj Kojs Clamors for Better Miami Transit that discusses the work and its social place in the city.

“In both its activist bent and its musical creativity, Bang for the Train is accessible and satisfying. The sound generated from the homemade instruments is more subtle and sonically appealing than expected. And the piece successfully engages the public, not just within each performance but also through repetition in different parts of the city.”

Miami ArtBurst on Bang for the Train

 “…the most profound work of the night – and certainly the most unexpected and enjoyable…”

Bang for a Train was simultaneously a participatory and experiential performance, an example of instant community building, an exercise in seeing and hearing your surroundings in a new way, and, quite simply, rare fun.” Miami Herald on Bang for the Train

…”SIGNALS is enthralling and immersive…”

“Juraj Kojs Captivates with Cacophony”

“This performance is an innovative and immersive experience, one that serves to pull the viewer away from the habits of everyday life though it a performance made with everyday objects. It is a chance to step out of the ordinary, a moment to leave the predictable thoughts of a typical day and let yourself go with a real, raw reaction.Signals with its irregular thread of chaos and even a beautiful folk piano arrangement, is an opportunity to get in touch with your senses and think outside the box.” MiamiArtZine on Signals

“…a deeply layered, impressionistic work that allows audience members to chart their own course through the artist’s memories. It all adds up to a richly rewarding experience.” Artburst Miami/The Miami Herald on Signals

“Sloshing and banging sounds are supplanted by squeaks, deep breathing, windy wails and a haunting dark melody line, reminiscent of Twin Peaks. Sounds emanate from various sources, including the costume’s wig, as the tethered performers advance toward the bare dance floor.” Miami New Times on Touch Me Hear

“If energy could be seen and heard, it would look and sound like those 20 minutes…” Miami New Times Blog on Neraissance