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…”SIGNALS is enthralling and immersive…” MiamiArtZine

“…a deeply layered, impressionistic work that allows audience members to chart their own course through the artist’s memories. It all adds up to a richly rewarding experience.” Artburst Miami/The Miami Herald

What do we hear in the world? How do we hear in the world? Signals, a multimedia work engages hearing and manipulation of various non-verbal signals through sound, movement and tactile experiences. Rooster calls, beeps, alarms, ringtones, video game sounds, computer earcons and other sounds contribute to the creation of a “sonic circus” (Octavio Campos). Through signals, we construct new communication languages and reflect on those passed onto us. The provocative, yet intimate narrative unveils Juraj Kojs’s communication histories, blending his Slovakian heritage with cutting-edge technology presence.

Full performance video

Special Thanks:
Octavio Campos, MTC staff, Harold Golen, Carlota Pradera, Kim Yantis, Allan Carnevale, Amanda Corbin, Claire Jeanine Satin, Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts and Excel Hand Dryers.


  • Year composed: 2014
  • Instrumentation: voice, fujara, piano, toys, movement, computer sound and video
  • Duration: ca. 45′
  • Commissioned by the Miami Theater Center

Juraj Kojs, concept, direction, performance and music
Kim Yantis, visual collaboration
Carlota Pradera, performance collaboration
Allan Carnevale, sound tech
Claire Jeanine Satin, costume accessories
Amanda Corbin, production manager
Carlos Ochoa, video documentation

Performance History

  • February 14-March 1, 2014 at Miami Theater Center Sandbox


From the Performance

Photo Credit: Justin Namon/ra-haus
Sandbox36 Sandbox58 Sandbox44

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