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Best of Award 2010 for Art Performance (Miami New Times)

“If energy could be seen and heard, it would look and sound like those 20 minutes…” Miami New Times Blog

Neraissance (Neo-Renaissance) is an avant-garde muscle-powered multimedia work that combines movement, performance art, dance, music and technology. Human performers and various analog and digital technologies create a network of ecological relationships, investigating the role of kinetic energy in artistic context. In particular, two dancers operate two stationary bicycles, which are attached to two magnetic motors. During the performance, the dancers produce enough energy to power devices such as sewing machine, radios, alarm clocks, fans and holiday lights. Technology enables the performance artist and dancers to develop an imaginative world of intense and energy-charged images that breathe, move, peak and dissolve.


  • Year composed: 2010
  • Instrumentation: muscle-powered multimedia
  • Duration: ca. 21′
  • Commissioned by the Miami Light Project

Juraj Kojs, sound, music and direction
Jasmine Kastel, performance and costumes
Alexey Taran and Carla Forte, dance
Travis Neff, lights
Nayla Mehdi, Audio technology assistance

Performance History

  • March 3-7, 2010 at the Arsht Center Studio Theater, Miami, Fl


From the Performance

Photo: Harold Golen

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