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Four Kisses

Four Kisses, based on four stanzas of the following original poem explores musically the human interaction of a kiss in its various modalities. The compositional language ebbs and flows between the contemporary concert and action music realms.


sinking into the river of your arms
into the waves of tangerine squeezes

fumes of your love
forming beds of plasma

heart plucked and nailed
at once
for heat of a dark night

we perish
we return

(by Juraj Kojs)



  • Year composed: 2016
  • Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, percussion and piano
  • Duration: 14′
  • Commissioned by the Glass Farm Ensemble


Performance History


From the Performance

Glass Farm Ensemble

Four_Kisses-GF1 Four_Kisses-GF2  Four_Kisses-GF4 Four_Kisses-GF3



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