Your music will always flow.

Music for the Hand Dryers performance and installation were a great hit at this year’s III Points Festival.

Visiting Artist at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). Stanford University, CA.

Chairing the music programs at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference 2017 in Copenhagen with the most talented group of artists and researchers.

2017 MDC Live Arts Lab Alliance (LALA) commission to support Barbora Celjska: the Black Queen multimedia composition and production.

People song to celebrate humanity is out on Soundcloud. Take a listen.

New journal article is out! Serafin, S., Erkut, C., Kojs, J., Nilsson, N. C., and Nordahl, R. (2016) Virtual Reality Musical Instruments: State of the Art, Design Principles, and Future Directions. Computer Music Journal, 40 (3), pp. 22–40. [pdf]

Miami Herald published an article Bang for the Train: Juraj Kojs Clamors for Better Miami Transit that discusses the work and its social place in the city.

Miami ArtBurst published a review Bang for the Train, and for Public Transportation on the performance at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Miami Herald described the recent performance of Bang for the Train as “the most profound work of the night – and certainly the most unexpected and enjoyable.” Jordan Levin further wrote: “Bang for a Train was simultaneously a participatory and experiential performance, an example of instant community building, an exercise in seeing and hearing your surroundings in a new way, and, quite simply, rare fun.”

2015-2016: The Contemporary Arts Program (CAP) commission to create a site-specific sound installation Moat of Sound inspired by Vizcaya. Miami, Fl.

2016 Miami Light Project’s Here and Now commission to create Bang for the Train, a participatory musical campaign for better public train system. Miami, Fl.

2015-2016: artist-in-residence at the Deering Estate Chamber Ensemble, Miami, FL.

Action Music DVD featuring the fantastic Ensemble Pamplemousse

E-Slovakia documentation

Virtual Reality and Sonic Cyberspaces: Augmentation, Hybridization and Abstraction, International Journal of Arts and Technology.

Yale album based on the recordings from Yale University

YourEye: Russia album based on field recordings